How A Title IX Lawyer Can Help

A seasoned Title IX Lawyer in New York can help you, regardless of whether it’s sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination. The Education Amendments of 1972 created Title IX to protect the rights of students and prohibit discrimination based on gender in schools across the United States.

There are a myriad of options to take disciplinary action when the student is accused of violating the rules. These include investigations, hearings, sanction boards, and student panels. Depending on the severity an incident, each may have different penalties or consequences.

Examining a Title IX Complaint

If you feel that your rights were violated by a school or any other organisation The first step is to file a complaint about the problem. You can file a complaint at your local Office for Civil Rights (OCR) or on the U.S. Department of Education website.

The allegations will be scrutinized by a Title IX Lawyer Alexandria who will determine whether they’re in compliance with the school’s Title IX code. These policies must be clear, consistent , and apply to all students equally. It is also essential that the school provide proper protections in the process for both parties involved in the investigation.

The school’s investigation is likely to last for a few months and will include interviews with witnesses as well as document collection and an analysis of the events. You are able to request copies of the findings when the investigation is completed.

Interim Measures and Appeal

A school typically implements various interim measures to prevent future incidents in the course of its Title IX investigation. These measures can include no contact, to a temporary restraining or suspension order. They may even bar the accused student from attending certain classes or engaging in campus-wide social activities.

These measures can be very disruptive for students and may cause negative results. They can also impact their ability to get financial aid, graduate, and even remain in the school.

A reputable Title IX defense attorney will ensure that you know the procedures and repercussions associated with these actions and ensure that you are aware of the options available. They will also keep your rights protected during this tumultuous time in your life.

Representing College Students who are in charge of Violations of Title IX

Duffy Law is committed to protecting students from allegations of sexual misconduct or gender discrimination. We have represented both male and female students who were accused of violating Title IX policies at their schools.

We’ve successfully defended students from charges of non-consensual sexual contact or offensive touching, unwelcome sexual advances and dating violence. Many students are also able to appeal retaliatory expulsions or disciplinary sanctions.

Penalties for violations of Title IX. Title IX Violation

The most frequent penalties for a school student found guilty of sexual harassment offense are academic suspensions, loss of tuition and housing and in some instances, expulsion. The school may be stripped of some or all its federal funding if it fails to address the problem.

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