Difarent Types of Bottle Capping Machines

Bottle Capping Machines

The right cap can make all of the difference when it comes to liquid packaging. Whether you’re producing wine, vinegar, spirits, or any other product, having the right capping equipment can help ensure your bottles are sealed securely. We have a variety capping devices to meet your needs.

Chuck Cappers (Screw/Lug).

A chuck capper is the best choice for capping solutions that work with many different bottle and cap sizes and different  Types of Bottle Capping Machines. These cappers are used to secure plastic screw caps and lugs onto bottles. This can help you save time and keep your products safe from contamination.

There are 16 sizes for Chucks, which can fit caps between 10mm and 130mm in diameter. Each chuck fits a specific cap range, so it’s important to select the one that will fit your needs.

The chucks come with a clutch that ensures the correct amount torque each time they are used. This will help protect your bottles from contamination and breakage while they are being produced.

A rotary chuck capper is another type of bottle cap sealing machine that can be used to apply a wide variety of closures to containers. These types of machines are ideal for applications that require speed and consistency, as they allow the caps to rotate at a steady rate while still maintaining an accurate seal.

A rotary capping machine with a chuck chuck has at least two turrets attached to the same speed and direction. Each turret includes a chuck and spindle. As the container passes through the machine, the chuck picks the cap from the chute and places it on the container while the spindle tightens it.

Rotation of the cap is necessary to ensure it is properly mated on the bottle and that it is securely fastened without leaking. These machines use gripper side belts to keep caps and bottles stable as they pass through the capping station.

Spindle Cappers

A spindle capper is the best choice for advanced bottle caps. These machines have three to five sets of spindlewheels that connect with the caps to create the torque. Gripper side belts and a cap stabilizer are common features on these machines, as they’re used to maintain the caps and bottles in place while they are being tightened down.

These spindle cappers are capable of delivering more than 500 caps per min, which is great if you need to handle high volumes. They can be equipped with a sorting machine or a sorting bowl to automatically deliver caps to the capping stations.

Automated Capping machines

Semi-automatic capping machines are generally heavier and larger than most automatic machines. However, they also offer faster speeds and more consistent results. They can secure a wide variety of caps and can be paired up with additional machinery like an inline tightener, star wheel air chuck or star wheel air chuck to increase productivity

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