A Vacuum Cleaner Bag Is a Form of Filter That Blocks Dirt, Particles, Allergens

A Philips Staubsaugerbeutel vacuum cleaner bag is a filter that prevents dust, dirt, and allergens from re-entering to the air during your vacuum. They are an essential element of your vacuum and should be cleaned regularly.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

If you own an upright vacuum, canister or hand-held it is crucial to clean your bag on a regular basis. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate in vacuum bags, clogging them with dirt and debris. This can cause your machine’s suction to drop or even overheat.

To determine what kind of vacuum bag you need refer to the instruction manual that came with the vacuum. The manufacturers of vacuum cleaners suggest replacing bags once they’re less than half-full. If you have a lot of children or pets in your house, you may want to change bags at least once per month.

How to Choose a Top Quality Vacuum Cleaner Bag

A vacuum cleaner bag of high quality will ensure that your vacuum operates optimally by capturing all dust, lint and other particles that are in it. The bags are made of sturdy material that will not explode when exposed to extreme heat or moisture. They will continue to work as intended long after being removed from your machine.

It is also recommended to look for bags that offer additional filtration such as HEPA media, odor elimination or allergy-sensitive filters. A lot of these bags will cost a bit more than the ordinary bags, but they’ll be worth the extra security they offer when you’re cleaning the house.

The Most Common Items You’ll Find In Your Vacuum Cleaner Bag

It’s easy to overlook small things that are hidden in corners or under furniture when you are cleaning your house. These things can be hard to find unless you know what to look for however they can make the difference between a tidy and a messy home.

Dust mites are among the most commonly-used items you’ll discover in your vacuum bag. These microscopic creatures feed on dust particles and are a typical problem. They can cause irritation to your eyes, nose and throat, which could cause allergies.

They’re not just a nuisance but can also be a source of mold that can be extremely risky to your health. If you notice mold growing, it’s best to eliminate the vacuum bag as soon as you notice it.

Other things to look for in Your Vacuum Bag

There is a good chance that your pets and children will shed hair on clothes and other items. The hair, if left to clump together and get trapped in the vacuum bag could trap bacteria and can also become a breeding ground for mold.

It is recommended to get rid of all stray hairs before you vacuum. This will prevent it from becoming trapped in the bag of your vacuum. This will help keep your furniture and floors clean for longer and it’s also less likely to attract other critters.

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